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  • October 9, 2018

    Mentor Regains the Top Position in the OHSAA Rankings after week 7


    The Cardinals and the Canton McKinley Bulldogs continue to set the pace in OHSAA region 1.  We picked up one or two more level 2 victories in week 7 than the bulldogs, so these top two teams switched positions in week 7.

    To illustrate just how razor thin the margin is between these final two remaining undefeated teams:
         *  The teams that the Cardinals have defeated are 26-22
         *  The teams that the Bulldogs have defeated are 25-23
    That minute difference in the records of their opponents is all that separate these two great teams. 

    Looking forward - The Cardinals face-off at home this week against 6-1 Solon, while the Bulldogs travel to 1-6 Glen Oak, which gives the advantage to the Cardinals in the quest for Level 2 Harbin points in week 8.

    The Euclid Panthers had a big victory last week, handing solon its first loss of the season.  The Panthers were rewarded handsomely for that victory.  They moved from fourth to third place, and put quite a bit of distance between them and the fourth place Eagles of St. Edward.   

    Speaking of St. Eds, they moved up all the way from seventh to fourth – making a strong bid to host a home playoff game.   Although St. Ignatius won their matchup against a team from Canada, they dropped from fifth to seventh because their opponent has zero wins, and therefore, zero level 2 points. 

    Back to the GCC  -  The Comets dropped to fifth place after their loss to Euclid – which means that if the season ended today, they would be on the road for their first playoff game.  They will be coming to the JTO on Friday looking to prove that last week’s loss was a fluke, so you will not want to miss this game!  Click the link below to get your tickets: